Best counter terrorism education centers

In the modern world, terrorist attacks are no longer a distant threat. They are the 100% reality. And all the western societies are aware that it is better to be prepared well in advance, rather than regretting their lack of action. Taking this all into consideration many universities identified the gap in education systems. Up until now we almost didn’t have any targeted and professional counter-terrorist training or education courses. In this article we want to discuss couple of the newest and the  best education options for people wanting to attend anti-terrorist classes.


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What are the medical risks of travelling to the high terror-risk areas.

Have you ever wonder what are potential medical risks when travelling to the high risk countries. We want to show you some of the potential medical risks and help you understand how you can protect yourself and your family. First of all you need to understand that the high terror risk countries have very poor medical systems, and most of them don’t have any advanced or sophisticated equipment that ultimately can save your life. Hence it’s extremely important to understand the risks and diseases that are present in the country you’re travelling to.


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GTI - most dangerous countries

Top most dangerous places to travel

Today we want to discuss some of the most dangerous places you may travel to. These places we want to mention usually should be avoided by all chances, as the terrorism activities are very high out there. It is also absolutely essential that you fulfil couple of necessary steps before going to these places, as there may be some military activities in some of the regions.

We want to refer you to the Global Terrorism Index, that is calculated annually and is developed to cover and capture all the possible terrorist activities on the world. The GTI is calculated by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland. The index is calculated based on the number of terror attacks and events that took place in any given country (it also takes into consideration severity of the attacks) – the country with relatively largest number of events will have bigger index value and will be higher up on the list.


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Filtering out Terrorist Attacks on Water Supply

Every day we rely on a fresh supply of clean water – and every day these supplies are at risk of a terrorist attack; consequently, water supplies are tightly safeguarded. We’ve never seen a successful water supply attack in the US, but it has happened in other countries – so it remains a threat. The goal of water supply terrorism is to disrupt water operations and make people sick by injecting poisons into the system. The following are some of the ways in which terrorists can attack the water supply to undermine society, cause fear, and create massive destruction and casualties.

Biological and Chemical Contamination Attacks

This type of attack is when a would-be terrorist releases a microbiological agent or a toxic chemical into the water supply system. The chemical could potentially be capable of producing mass causalities and would likely be something that can be bought or produced in large quantities. These chemicals would likely have a high rate of absorption through inhalation or skin contact, causing extensive casualties. Toxic chemical or microbiological agents can be fairly common, even ones that can lead to severe gastrointestinal disease as well as long-term, systematic health problems.

Physical Destruction Attacks

Destroying water sources can adversely affects the daily life of a place. Physical destruction of a water source means lack of water to the consumers and also a setback to the economy. It can also lead to destruction of expensive water supply systems which are costly to replace or repair. A good example of a physical destruction is the Lusaka Zambia bomb that destroyed the main water pipeline, cutting off clean drinking water for 3 million people. A bomb was also denoted inside the Chingaza dam, which provided most of Bogota’s water. These types of attacks aren’t common – but they’re also not unheard of.

Backflow Attacks

A backflow attack is when a pump is used to overcome the pressure gradient of the supply system’s pipes, causing a backflow conditions that can wash a poison or harmful chemical backwaters into the water supply. Many systems do have backflow prevention devices, but those without them are susceptible to this kind of attack. If they can pull it off, this kind of attack is preferred by terrorists because it can be done from a more remote and hidden location and the don’t have to infiltrate a water facility. The fact that we’ve not been hit by an attack on our water system is a true testament to our Homeland Security forces which are constantly hard at work protecting us. Our local municipal and rural water district staff should also take credit for our continued safety. While these people will continue to keep us safe into the future, some people try to take matters into their own hands by installing a water filtration system. The most common form of water filtration is water softening, which is done with units like the ones reviewed on this site. There are also other types of water filtration which are typically used for those who get their drinking water from a local community well. Take note, though – water filtration only works when you know what to filter for. Because chemical attacks are unpredictable, home filtration would only protect you by random chance – not a good strategy for protecting yourself.

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Moving on After the Charlie Hebdo Incident

The present state of terrorism is an anomaly. Patterns are not standing out which may seem to be disgusting and annoying at the same time. The recent headlines being grabbed by ISIS and Charlie Hebdo are worlds apart, and should not be connected, but in the world's psyche, and in a frightening manner, they are.

ISIS is an organized group of Muslims who have firm beliefs and go through towns and cities in an organized manner. They also operate in a quasi-government capacity. Unfortunately, their method of introducing themselves to the world is barbaric. There are some Muslim scholars who have condemned their actions, specifically about invoking their religion to further their political and terrorist agenda. They may be insular in their approach, and regional in reach, however because they use the media to send a message, they are thrust onto the world's stage as terrorists because the inspire fear in others. They are not kids at a Subway University such as this who are learning a trade.

In the grand scheme of things, terrorism is about a bully complex. This is the guy who has the power to strike fear in others, and when necessary will show actions that other, normal peace-loving people will fear. It is unfortunate that in the Western World, most contemporary terrorists are Moslems. Gone or almost extinct are urban terrorists who are self-styled freedom fighters. There are, of course, still some areas where there are military confrontations, but these are between the military and organized forces seeking their own free country. The landscape is akin to taking out the lawyers from the courtroom and replacing them with interns taking paralegal studies at

The case of Charlie Hebdo is going to take a while before it will have a chance to resolve itself. The French started the problem by policing Moslems in the name of integration. The French authorities have practically outlawed outward signs that a woman is Moslem, by barring the use of the traditional headdress. In this context, the Moslem hate bashing and baiting by Charlie Hebdo, resulted in an attack on accredited journalists. It should be noted, that the humor magazine was not entirely being a forum for fair journalistic practices. They made fun of and did not hide their hate for Moslems. They provoked the attack.

In an interview, Sarah Silverman, who had previously made jokes of Catholics and Jews, stated that she does not make Moslem jokes. She said she was afraid of Moslems. There have been other opinion writers, media personalities and comedians who have also stated the same sentiments. Salman Rushdie, a famous writer, had to hide and disappear from public circulation because a high-ranking Moslem cleric called for his death.

Terrorism is alive and well, and it comes in many forms. When venturing into an area, literal or otherwise, it is best to take cognizance of the surroundings and the environment. It is the wise man who respects the belief of others. It may be coincidence that a lot of today's terrorists are Moslems. The rules have changed somewhat since Muammar Ghaddafi of Libya is no longer in power. He was well known for funding all sorts of terrorist activities, groups and movements. He created helped fund and create terrorist training camps in the desert of Libya. These days, the sources of funding are much grayer and darker than before.

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The Changing Meaning of Security

The world is a complicated place, and even some simple words are hard to explain. “Security” for instance, is not as simple as it sounds. Studying regional security is a matter for academics, diplomats, military experts, and sociologists.

Security is something that affects everyone, but few are in a position to analyze and study. However, ordinary citizens might get lost in the explanation given out by these people. They speak a language with meanings, which have subtle differences between some other synonyms.

One of the terms security experts keep on using is terrorism. It is a word that has developed a life of its own. It is used by different persons, politicians, world leaders with varying context and meaning. It is hard to pin down what it means within the countless speeches and press releases that denounce terrorism. In the same manner, the word “security” has also evolved, and it has gotten bigger, encompassing a lot more than just freedom from physical attack, or being safe from external threats. Even assault and battery lawyers understand that this is pervasive.

In the interest of keeping citizens safe, national security has also been used in internal spying which include wiretaps, and the ability to open emails. Through all of that, the situation does warrant it. The recent Sony email leaks is a case in point. The iPhone cloud hacking is also another reason why security concerns heighten. It can be done, and it has been done before. Search engine optimization experts like Your Local SEO Expert understand that this impacts everyone who uses the Internet.

What distinguishes these incidents from others is that these were uncovered. Nobody has ever given a rough figure of how many successful break-ins and hackings have occurred which were never found out. One reason that line of thinking is not being considered is because it leads to paranoia and conspiracy theories. It also means that those who want to hack through personal or corporate data are better than the government. This possibility is mind-blowing but in a paranoid way possibly true. As the old Internet adage says: “just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean that your fears can’t be true.”

It is debatable whether the current sense of lack of security stems from 9-11. What is sure is that the issue was raised about being well-informed prior to the attack. There has been evidence that the US government’s security agencies have known of the possible attack and they did not do anything about it. This inability to act has made it a chicken and egg question: does the government gather all the possible information and sift through them, or let things happen first and then arrest the terrorists. The gravity of the question goes back to the different aims of terrorists and anti-terrorists. Anti-terrorists and other government security agencies have to make sure that every bomb is captured, and every plot is stopped, anything less is failure. Terrorists, on the other hand, only need to make sure that their bomb explodes. For terrorists, no matter how many times they fail, a single bomb exploding at the right place is a huge success.

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Post Office in California Shut Down by Terrorist Jogger Incident

San Jose, California police have confirmed that a post office had to be shut down for over four hours on Tuesday morning because of an extreme fitness enthusiast.

Mr. Long Hoang (as seen in the photo) is a dedicated CrossFitter. He wanted to improve his fitness levels and have a regular workout routine. Twelve weeks before the incident he signed up to a CrossFit Box (gym), where the workouts include: weightlifting, running, gymnastics and rowing.

Mr. Hoang was advised to wear a unique training outfit (as seen in the above photo) to speed up weight-loss results. The cardio mask simulates high-altitude conditions, but can give the wrong impression if worn in public.

The post office shutdown started when Mr. Hoang left his apartment wearing the cardio mask. He ran to the post office building and while trying to stuff a large package into a blue mailbox outside, was spotted by another customer.

The customer reported the incident to a member of staff who checked video footage. The alarm was raised immediately and the entire post office was evacuated with 150 staff and 45 customers on the street. Minutes later a full-scale police response unit was onsite, including the bomb squad and bomb-detonating robot.

The fire service and robot detonated Mr. Hoang’s package, which turned out to be a pair of Weight lifting shoes see here sent to him by mistake.

The San Jose police department said, “There was a report of a suspicious-looking man wearing a gas mask dressed in black attempting to deposit a large parcel into an unmanned postal box. It’s our policy to respond quickly to any terrorist threat quickly.”

Sargent Jason Dwyer said, “He was wearing the mask to lose weight and didn’t think about how he appears to others. After viewing the surveillance video we decided the package could be an explosive and a controlled destination would be the safest option.”

Mr. Hoang was not aware of the incident until some of his friends kept sending him text messages asking if it was him. After reading a news report the following day, he realized it was him, and called the police department to explain what he was doing.

The police said, “After speaking with Mr. Hoang his story did check out, and he will not be prosecuted for the incident. We would like to advise anyone using similar equipment to consider indoor training – more info, rather than public use.”

Mr. Hoang acknowledges why someone could think he was a terrorist, but still believes everything was blown out of proportion.

A post office employee said, “This is an isolated incident and one we hope will never happen again. The shutdown delayed local postage deliveries, lost revenue for the post office and [was] quite a scare for everyone that works at the office.”

The police response has been criticized by a number of people as being too extreme and avoidable. It is unclear if this event could have been handled any better, as video evidence has not been made publicly available.

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